The Pizzicato Method

Let's Play Viola!

Let's Play Viola
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Method Book Series for Young Viola Players

The Pizzicato Method books are based on the traditional European violin pedagogy, implemented with the latest pedagogical findings.

Learning his/her first viola steps side-by-side with his/her teacher through lovely duets and numerous games and exercises will help the student not only play better but also read music and learn elementary music theory.

Every step of the way the student can learn several traditional and children songs as well as some beautiful classical pieces to have fun playing for his/her family and friends.

Enjoy your viola world!

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Book 1

o Basic posture

o Proper viola and bow hold

o Music reading and basic theory

o Beautiful pictures, illustrations, and interactive exercises

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Book 2

o Basic left-hand finger patterns and chromatic fingerings

o Basic bow strokes and bowing patterns

o Many technical exercises and scales

Book 3

o Scales, exercises, songs and classical literature excerpts

o All basic left-hand finger patterns (low first and high fourth are new) and chromatic fingerings

o Basic bow strokes (marcato and martelle are new) and bowing patterns

Suitable for children 5+ years old

Interactive music theory learning

Big notation

Pizzicato nursery rhymes

Detailed pictures of proper viola and bow hold

Illustrated bow hold games

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The Pizzicato Method pizzicato.hr
viola 1 pizzicato.hr

Let's Play Viola! 1

Beginners' Book for Young Viola Players

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Let's Play Viola! 2

Textbook for Young Viola Players

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Let's Play Viola! 3

Textbook for Young Viola Players

Dostupno i u zagrebačkim trgovinama Note, Melodija i Etida

Mogućnost narudžbe za škole - informacije na info@studiopizzicato.hr

viola pizzicato.hr

Technical exercises and scales

Popular children and traditional songs

Classical pieces excerpts


About The Author:

Ines Ana Tomić pizzicato.hr

Ines Ana Tomić is a Croatian violin pedagogue with 20 years of experience. She has received numerous awards for her work and her students have won over 100 prizes at various national and international competitions. Ms. Tomić holds seminars and masterclasses for students and teachers and takes part as a Jury member on music competitions in Croatia and abroad. She is the author of the violin and viola beginning method "The Pizzicato Method" and a handbook for violin lessons Violin Positions.

Her first book, Violina 1, was published in 2008, a schoolbook for beginning violin students which got a second edition in 2018 and reprints in 2019 and 2021. Lately, she got more engaged in writing. Several new books were published in 2021 (Violina 2, The Pizzicato Method for Viola) and some new editions are ready soon to be published (The Violin Fairy, 4 books regarding violin/viola pedagogy).

She is a mother of two children.

Ines Ana Tomić pizzicato.hr

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