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Practice journal for all instrumentalists and singers practice diary

Create Space, 2018.

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Your instrument can’t remember all the homework from the last lesson?

Don’t worry, here is The Practice Diary to help you with that!

Just write important notes for every piece or exercise – or let your teacher do it – in a step-by-step form and follow it during your practice time at home (it sure does look like a board game!). After you’ve done, color one scoop on the ice cream. Yes, there are just six scoops for a week, because one day a week your instrument needs to take a rest. Choose your day of rest wisely! And once the whole ice cream is colored, maybe you can reward yourself with a real one?

But wait, that’s not all!

The Practice Diary

You can also track your progress during the school year. Week after week, not only you will be able to see what program you have played, but you can give yourself a grade of the week. Write all your concerts and put a picture so you can have a year to remember. That way, at the end of the school year, maybe you will reward yourself with something bigger than icecream?

Enjoy the music and have fun!

The Practice Diary

This Practice Diary is created by the experienced music pedagogue for young singers and players on all musical instruments. It gives a chance to a young musician to track his/her progress in one school year and put all the important information in one place – useful practice tips, lesson schedule, practice schedule, important notes, programme he/she wishes to play at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year all the compositions he/she had finished, music score excerpts, weekly “starmeter”, list of all the concerts he/she played…

The Practice Diary

For every week of the school year, there is a board game-like section where teacher or student himself can write all the important notes for practicing, for every composition or exercise, in a step-by-step form.

With this Practice Diary, the student will have all the important things in one place during the school year, and after the year is finished, it becomes a beautiful memory to look back.


” I finished my first volume and I just started page one in my new Practice Diary book. I love it so much. Thank you.” Cydney

“Really great idea and layout, my kids love it!” Tess

“The best part is that we have a yearbook as a lovely memory” Linn

“My daughter loves coloring her ice cream every day, great idea!” Elise

“Excellent! We have all in one place” Peter

“Lovely illustrations, fields with arrows, starmeter for evaluaton… just love it!” Maria

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The Pizzicato Diary

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